Sunday, December 11, 2011

How do you remember your Resistor Color Codes? Let's create a contest!

Hi, everyone-
I have had the idea of revisiting the durable (and very un-PC) mnemonic for remembering the Resistor Color Code.  Many of us old-timers remember the one we all learned, and it was a perfectly fine mnemonic device (if you were a 14 year old boy back in the 1950's.)  I'm not going to post it here, because it is not suitable for polite company.
Considering that the demographic of electronic hobbyists has changed quite a bit since then, I think it's time for something a little more modern, and so I would like to start the process of designing a contest- one that will present you with a challenge to come up with a better way to remember the code.  For those of you unfamiliar, the basic code consists of 10 different colors, assigned a value of 0 through 9, as follows:

0 - Black
1 - Brown
2- Red
3 - Orange
4 - Yellow
5 - Green
6 - Blue
7 - Violet
8 - Gray
9 - White

Additionally, there are three more colors that are used either as multipliers or tolerance values, appearing in this order:


A complete explanation can be found here:

Some rules we can use:
1.  Build a phrase of words, where each word starts with the first letter of each color, in numerical order.
2. Be original
3. Be civilized
4. Since the letters "B" and "G" appear twice, extra consideration will be given to those who find a way to eliminate the ambiguity, and prevent the colors from getting mixed-up.
5. Extra credit for a coherent sentence.
6. Extra credit for clever humor.
7. Super-duper credit for anyone who can incorporate "Gold" Silver" and "None"

First Prize: Unending Fame and Fortune
Second Prize: Finite Fame and Fortune
Third Prize: Warm Fuzzies.

If we get lucky, maybe a few vendors will want to sponser the contest by donating some cool prizes!

Check back often as this challenge develops.

Remember- this is only a solicitation to help develop the contest, not the contest itself- that will come later, so please do not send in your mnemonics now, OK?

Check back often as this idea develops!

Send in your ideas via comments.  I'll come up with another contact means, soon.