Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The 7400 Logic Electronic Etch-a-Sketch!

Yay!  This placed in the 2nd Place Category of the 2011 Dangerous Prototypes Open 7400 Logic Competition! 

Thanks to all the judges, participants and readers who made this all possible.  There were many interesting, creative and just plain fun entries submitted by people all over the world, making this a most exciting event!

Especially deserving of extra-special thanks, of course, is my DW, who endured the long hours of my absence and general obliviousness to everything else while I was building this!

Yay!  IT WORKS!!

Unfortunately, my first attempt at the electronic Etch-a-Sketch didn't work in time for the contest.  A number of personal matters left me with too little time to build, troubleshoot and refine the design in time for the deadline.  I probably got to within 98% of the task, but that elusive last 2% scuttled the project. 

Oh well... Them's the breaks!

If you want to know more details about the design and operation of this thing, check the prior post.

Hat Tip to the nice folks at Adafruit Industries, supplier of the beautiful 8x8 Dual-Color LED Matrices and sturdy Rotary Encoders for the X, Y and Page knobs!

So, anyway- this is what it looks like in action:

This isn't the greatest video quality, and there are still a few refinements I want to make to the circuit, but at least here is proof that it does, in fact, work! 
Please check back as I make this gadget perform some new tricks and shoot some better video.

Here is the slightly newer design!

Display and Controls Board - This one works!

Logic Board.  This one works!

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